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Fried sandwich with tuna
Bread cut into slices. Tomatoes into slices and place on the bread. Mix corns and tuna with mayonnaise and mass onto the…
14 Dec 20151687 viewsSandwiches
Raspberry cake with hazelnut
Chop the nuts. Remove from Date dice and also chop. Mix dates with nuts, add honey. From that mass prepare the cake…
13 Dec 20152297 viewsCakes
Cheesecake with chocolate crust
Mix the butter with brown sugar. Add egg, add mixed together dry ingredients and mix up, until you have dough. Stick it…
13 Dec 20153515 viewsCakes
Pizza of macaroni
Grate the cheese. Line tube form uncooked pasta on a greased pan (30×40 cm). Then sprinkle with one-third of cheese and meat.…
11 Dec 20152001 viewsPasta
Taco stuffed with fish
Cut the salmon into cubes and place in a bowl.Wet it with lime juice, add garlic, finely chopped jalapeƱo chilies, finely chopped…
9 Dec 20152724 viewsFish
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